Iguazu falls under the full moon

Walk in the light of the full moon and dinner at Restaurant La Selva. An event that falls increasingly more people who eagerly await each month to board the Jungle Train bound for Devil’s Throat everything under the moonlight.

Iguazu FallsThe light of the full moon accompanies the trip through the jungle bathing everything around and shining like silver droplets waters of the Iguazu River. The steps on the catwalks to the biggest jump among our park heard so much silence and peace, as accompanying the current calm on the dark rocks.

In any of the four seasons and from dusk until late at night, the moon surprises with its color change as it reaches its fullness. Monthly recurring phenomenon, the full moon inspires poetry, prose and serenades, is greeted by astrologers, revered by mystics and waited with great anticipation for the lovers of the most beautiful spectacles of nature.

Iguazu fallsThe fascination evening stroll on visitors is fully justified, since the scenes are recorded during the walk at least curious: there are those who seek to make the most of surrendering moon bathing the exercise of meditation, others renew there commitments of love and there are those who spill some significant tears of emotion when seen from an entirely different perspective of water falling from the Garganta del Diablo in full moon nights. At the balcony, the time goes unnoticed and the words disappear and return is difficult. But the friendly moon comes again walk to the Central Station and once there, the group heads to the restaurant “La Selva” which provides the complimentary cocktail for all passengers.

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