Enjoy jumps Iguazu Falls

The Falls can be admired from the foot of the falls, called the Lower Circuit, or from “above”, or Upper Circuit.

Iguazu FallsFrom the Visitor Center circuits are accessed via the train or by the green trail. The lower loop has a length of 1600 meters. The upper circuit has a length of 1200 meters. From the lower circuit is possible to access the boat that river crossing and leads to San Martin Island

In the Iguazu falls area you can visit the waterfall most important of all: Garganta del Diablo. From the station you arrive at Iguazu train to Garganta that allows access to the gateway from the coast to the lookout. This is a fantastic ride, and the view from the balcony is stunning.

Iguazu river trips

Iguazu RiverInside the Iguazu National Park can experience a ride nautical and perform the “baptism of the Falls”.

The park logo water trip is just “The Great Adventure”: The experience starts walking 8 km of forest in open vehicles wheel drive, with the opportunity to appreciate the flora and, hopefully, the fauna.

Then addressing semi-rigid inflatable boats and walking 6 km by the lower Iguazu, passing through rapids to get then to the foot of the falls and make the “baptism of Iguazu Falls.”

The ride lasts about 90 minutes and can be done every day.

The Upper Iguazú allows quieter rides in paddle boats, facilitating the observation of flora and fauna of the Delta. To make all the rides you can buy the green passport. Iguazu Jungle Explorer is the provider of these services and you can reach inside the park.

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