San ignacio Mission, Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls: San Ignacio Mission

History and Culture at Iguazu Falls

Excursion to San Ignacio Ruins, Iguazu Falls

Through this excursion, you’ll travel a total distance of 480 km along the beautiful National Route No. 12 enjoying the picturesque scenery of the region (small cities, towns and farms) until you reach the impressive San Ignacio Jesuit ruins. The original structure was built in the seventeenth century, when Jesuit missionaries lived in the region. You will be led by an expert local guide who will discuss the construction the mission, and the life and customs of both the Guarani Indians and Jesuit missions who lived here during the colonial era.

Historical Background

Book your Iguazu Falls excursion today!

Book your Iguazu Falls excursion today!

When Jesuit missionaries arrived to Iguazu, the lands were inhabited by Talpes indians, a part of the Guarani indigenous group.  The priests Jose Cataldino  and Simon Maceta founded this mission and Indian reduction in the early 17th century. Around the middle of the eighteenth century the mission was home to more than three thousand inhabitants as well as extensive artisan and cultural activities. Its location on the Parana River favored trade with other settlements in nearby areas. Despite the important role and activities of this mission, in 1768, after the expulsion of the Jesuits, it was abandoned completely! The same happened with other reductions, and many were destroyed by state officials. Today, San Ignacio is the most well-preserved of all colonial missions in Argentina. The original construction is an impressive and beautiful site to see: around a central plaza you will find the church, the priests’ house, the cemetery, small homes, and also a town hall. All of these structures were built using large “red sandstones” that come from the area. Despite the passing of time, these walls are still standing strong and make up an amazing historical and architectural site!

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Why take our San Ignacio Mission Excursion at Iguazu Falls?

Visiting the San Ignacio Mission is an unforgettable experience. The ruins are hidden away in the wilderness, amongst the greens of the jungle and reds of the local stones. Discover history and culture at this unique landmark. This is definitely one of the most interesting and historical excursions that we offer in the Iguazu Falls, rich in history and culture. Do not miss the chance to participate in this excursion to the ruins of San Ignacio. When you book this excursion with us at 01 Argentina Travel Agency, we can also help you find other excursions based on your interests and needs, as well as develop specialized, personalized tour packages for the Iguazu area that can include premium accommodations and travel to and from Buenos Aires.