Argentina side Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls: Argentine Side

The Argentine Side Tour

Visit the Argentine National Park at Iguazu

Visit the Argentine National Park at Iguazu

This tour leaves daily (from your hotel!) at 8:00 am and you’ll return to your accomodations at approximately 4:00 PM.  Costs include transportation to and from your hotel, expert bilingual (English and Spanish) tour guide service, and the entrance fee to the Iguazu National Park. Here are just some of the sites you’ll see and paths you’ll take as part of this day-long incredible tour to the beautiful Iguazu Falls.  The Devil’s Throat is probably the most famous single fall of this waterfall complex at Iguazu and you’ll get a great view of it as a part of this tour. Its sheer beauty and energy is simply indescrible – seeing it an in person is just an impressive array of sounds and landscapes. You’ll also walk along the “lower circuit” path, which is strategically designed to allow for diverse views of the Falls and an intimate encounter with waterfalls and charming corners of the rainforest. You’ll explore the falls by following the “upper circuit” path as well – a trail that gives you access to the magnificent panoramic views of the Falls and the Iguazu River Delta. For this and all excursions  we do recommend bringing insect repellent, sneakers and comfortable clothing!

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Why take this Argentina Side Tour?

Excursion tours at Iguazu Falls, Argentina

Excursions and Tours at Iguazu Falls, Argentina

Especially for those who enjoy outdoor activities and settings, our excursion to the Argentine National Park at Iguazu Falls is an ideal activity for your vacation! Enveloped by idyllic surroudings, the Argentine side of Iguazú offers a way to experience the jungle and to experience the incredible and unique waterfalls.. When touring the National Park, the walkways, paths, and expert tour guide services will alow you to explore the two components that make up the landscape: the water and the jungle. Additionally, when you travel with our 01 Argentina Travel Agency you are guaranteed the highest quality excursion and travel opportunities. We can help you design personalized tours, arrange premium accomodations, and also arrange for travel to and from Buenos Aires. Don’t hesitate to contact us, so that you can experience the National Park and the beautiful Iguazu Falls and get the best possible Iguazu travel package for you.