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Why travel to Iguazu Falls?

At the 01 Argentina Travel Agency, we are proud to offer a wide variety of tours and excursions at Iguazu Falls and the surrounding area so that you can experience the magic of this place! There are so many reasons to visit this impressive place and so many things you can do while you’re in Iguazu, but here are just a few to keep in mind:

Excursions to Iguazu Falls in Argentina and in Brazil

1. Visit the Devil’s Throat! This is probably the most famous waterfall of the Iguazu Falls complex, and by taking one of our tours or excursion you’ll be able to see it from above and from the front, and to feel its strength. Just by standing next to the railing of the viewpoints and getting soaked with the mist of this waterfall, you’ll feel the force that is transmitted. The Devil’s Throat leaves us speechless by the beautiful scenery that is created and by the rainbows that form above it on crisp sunny days.

2. Ride through the falls with our boat ride tour! There aren’t many moments in life where you’ll be able to rush through the wild waters of the Iguazu River. With our boat ride excursion, you’ll be immersed in the mist and power of the falls and experince adventure and nature at the Iguazu Falls up close!

Tours at Iguazu Falls

3. Walk through the paths of the national park and feel the rhythm of the jungle. Our excursions and tours allow you to explore the trails of both national parks (the one in Argentina and the one in Brazil) to see Iguazu’s flora and fauna, as well as all the amazing views of the Falls! Throughout your journey you will see that the forest is alive, discover its inhabitants and feel the energy that it transmits. Breathe deeply as you walk and lets fresh air enter in your whole body.

4. Perceive the jungle with all your senses with our ecological excursion! Hear the song of birds, the hum of insects and the rustle of the moving water. Breathe in the pure air and the smells of the earth below you. Feel the coolness of the water on your skin.

5. Discover the culture and traditions of the area. Accompany us on excursions to see historic and cultural sites like the landmark of the three borders, the San Ignacio Ruins, and the Wanda mines.

Travel with us to Iguazu Falls !

Travel with us to Iguazu Falls !

As always, when you travel with our agency, you’ll be able to consult us in order to find the excursions and tours that work best for you. We can also help you design a personalized travel package that meets your budget, needs, and desires. We’ll help find you premium accommodations and transportation to and from Buenos Aires. Contact us today for an estimate and to book your dream vacation to the amazing, internationally renowned Iguazu Falls!

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