Iguazu Forest Tour

Iguazu Forest and Jungle Tour

Discover the Iguazu Rainforest!

Forest Tour at Iguazu Falls

The Iguazu Forest tour is a special excursion that allows for the perfect ecological and adventure tourism experience. You’ll be able to be in direct contact with nature during this amazing excursion.There are two daily departures: 8:00 am and 2:00 pm. The trip lasts approximately 4 hours, and includes transportation and from your hotel, rainforest activities, and bilingual (Spanish and English) tour services.

Discover Nature and Adventure on our Iguazu Falls Tours

Discover Nature and Adventure on our Iguazu Falls Tours

Among the activities you’ll participate in during this adventure and ecological tour is an exciting canopy tour! You’ll move between various platforms in the treetops, slipping from tree to tree while held to a harness and witnessing all the incredible vegetation from high above! You’ll also be led on a hike through trails in the jungle, where you’ll explore different species of flora (strangling trees, parasitic plants, air carnations, orchids, palmitales) and native wildlife. The trail distance is 900 meters long. Additionally, you’ll take part in rappelling activities where you’ll live the incredible experience of speeding through the middle of a waterfall, rappelling 15 meters and assisted by our specialized experts Activities are restricted to children under 6 years old, pregnant women and people with physical disabilities. For all excursions, we also recommend that travelers bring insect repellent, sneakers and comfortable clothing.

Why take our Forest Tour?

At 01 Argentina Tours, we are dedicated to providing the best in jungle, adventure, and ecological excursions. This forest tour is a great way to explore nature, the rainforest, and the beautiful Iguazu landscapes. The Iguazu Falls, located in the northeast of Argentina, make up a very interesting region and ecological system. This is a subtopical climate with jungle vegetation and green landscapes. If you are planning a trip and like to explore nature and new landscape, you should, without a doubt, consider excursions like our Forest Tour in Iguazu Falls. Reserve your spot today!

Jungle and Adventures at Iguazu Falls