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In this blog about trips to the Iguazu Falls in Argentina we offer you testimonials told in first person by real passengers that traveled to Argentina South America with 01Argentina.com Travel Agency in the first semester of 2020

This local Travel agency of Uruguay and Argentina with a trajectory of more than 15 years in the tourist industry provide you with the necessary advice to live an unforgettable trip in this region of Latin America. Start traveling by listening to those passengers that have already visited tourist places in Argentina such as Perito Moreno Glacier in Patagonia Argentina,

The Iguazu Waterfalls in the border of Argentina and Brazil, the wine country in the province of Mendoza where it is possible to see the highest mountain Aconcagua and of course the capital of the country Buenos Aires where it is possible to enjoy the Tango, the Argentinian barbecue and the great hospitality of the hotels and its people. Summing up 01Argentina.com Travel Agency is synonym of Career in Travel and Tourism and below you can read what tourists have experienced using their services.

Updated Reviews of the Travel Agency 01Argentina.com

Essencial Travel Agency to visit main tourits destinations in Argentina

We were really very happy with the services of 01Argentina.com Travel Agency, both in the transfers and also on the full day excursions we booked with them in El Calafate, Iguazu Falls and Buenos Aires. The hotels in the 3 destinations couldn’t haven been better, friendly and family-oriented with great location close to all restaurants and bars. It was worth traveling in those tourist destinations in Argentina, it is an incredible country and we will tell to all our Friends how fascinating the glaciers, waterfalls and Argentinian tango and food are. I thank you for all the service you have provided us, I will be in communication with you, for any excursion in the future to Uruguay.

Sabrina Lettice 25/07/2020 Italy

Accommodation in Patagonia Argentina

Unforgettable Vacations in Argentina

How about Buenos Aires? We are already in our home in Oxford, but in our minds we are still in Argentina. The travel agent Julieta Diaz that assisted us at 01Argentina Travel agency was wonderful, everything has been so beautiful in Argentina and the people very charming that we are thinking of coming next year again to visit Patagonia in Argentina and Chile and also a day trip to Uruguay. Of course, my recommendations for your travel agency will be many to all my friends and relatives. I appreciate the preparation of the trip in Iguazu Falls, Mendoza and Buenos aires from the first to the end, it has been excellent and your staff took care of us very well in all the details. If we travel to Argentina again in the future, we will get in touch. We have discovered that we prefer off-road, more adventurous experiences, where mass tourism cannot go. That is why we have loved the experience of Mendoza when we visit with our independent tour guide the highest mountain in South America: The Aconcagua. That experience will remain in our memories for ever!!
Thank you very much 01Argentina.com for gave us unforgettable Vacations.

Robert Biebner U.K 28/07/2020

Robert at the Iguazu Falls

Two weeks ago we arrived from our vacation in South America visiting Argentina, Uruguay, Chile Brazil and Peru. The trip we booked with your travel agency in Argentina and Uruguay was really wonderful. Everything was very well organized and nothing was missing. The hotels in Buenos Aires, Iguazu Falls, Montevideo and Punta del Este had the perfect location with amazing facilities and friendly staff. The nature of Argentina is overwhelming and for the Perito Moreno Glacier there are no words! We can only say that we are going to recommend this travel agency here in Australia to all our colleagues at work!! We work in a metallurgical industry with more than 300 employees and most of them wish to travel abroad in their vacation. We have a blog where we share our pictures and links of the travel companies we used. Of course 01Argentina.com Travel Agency will be highly recommended and posted there. Thank you for everything and we hope that all travelers traveling with you have the same good experiences!

Albert Von Auw Germany 29/07/2020

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