Optional excursions in Puerto Iguazu Misiones Argentina

We describe below the optional excursions that can be taken when arriving in Puerto Iguazu. The most advisable thing is to book a package with a local travel agency in Buenos Aires that already includes the domestic flights from Buenos Aires, the hotel, the transfers from the airport and the main tours of the Argentine and Brazilian side of the falls but once that arrive at the destination there are other activities to be able to do to make your stay at the falls more fun.

Iguazu tour
Visit The Iguazu Falls summer 2021

Full moon walk


It takes place 2 days before and two days after the Full Moon. Reception of visitors at the Cataratas Portal by company personnel. Train ride from Central Station to Garganta del Diablo Station. Tour of the footbridges and visit to the balconies of the Garganta. Train ride back to the Visitor Center.

WelcomeDrink (caipirinhas and fruit juices) Does not include Dinner.

The price includes the train ride, the professional guide service, the WelcomeDrink.

Subject to cancellation due to weather conditions.

Iguazu falls full moon
Full moon tour at Iguazu Falls

Great adventure


It is carried out in conjunction with the Excursion Cataratas Argentinas, within the PNI. The Great Adventure combines the essence of the Iguazú National Park: the jungle and the Waterfalls in a single route.

Starting from the Operative Central or from the Visitor Center, you will enter the jungle through the narrow Yacaratiá Trail in units designed for this particular environment. Bilingual guides (Spanish / English) will help to interpret the natural and cultural riches of the place.

Great adventure boat trip
Great Adventure Boat Trip

This 5 km vehicular route ends at the Puerto Macuco jungle base. After descending 100 meters you will reach the dock where you can board the boats with which you will go up the canyon of the Lower Iguazú River for 6 km towards the waterfall area enjoying the mighty rapids, to the base of the Tres Mosqueteros waterfall, watching the set of Brazilian waterfalls and Argentines, with the Devil’s Throat crowning the view of the canyon. Later, you will reach the maximum point of emotion when facing the incomparable Salto San Martín, second in size and the largest that a boat can approach.

Finally, we will disembark at the dock located in front of San Martín Island from where you can rejoin the walkway system, through the Lower Circuit. The Great Adventure can be done in the opposite direction. That is, from the pier located in front of San Martín Island to the Visitor Center.

Duration: One hour and 20 minutes.

Difficulty: 150 meters of stairs and 2 km of fast water.

Recommendations: Protect all personal items by placing them inside the specially designed waterproof bags provided by the provider, otherwise they will get wet during the approach to the jumps.

Restrictions: For safety reasons, people who respond to the following traits or ailments will not be able to take this tour: children under 12 years of age, pregnant women, people with osteoporosis, spinal problems or similar, with a history of heart or neurological disorders, with chronic lung diseases and any person with physical, cognitive and / or sensory disabilities who cannot respond to an eventual emergency in the rapid waters of the lower Iguazú River.

For this service it is mandatory to present or display an Identity Document that proves the minimum age to board (12 years)

Iguazu cruise


Daily departures: 5:30 p.m. Return: 7:30 p.m. Includes transfer hotel- Port- Hotel and Navigation. Unforgettable rides aboard the Catamaran, a new way to enjoy the magic of the waters, along the Iguazú and Paraná rivers.

We can also enjoy a Latin music show.

Ask us about holding events, parties, meetings, and farewells for groups on our ships.

City tour


Daily departures 09 Hs. In the morning.

Tour of the historic center, Police, Cathedral, Plaza San Martin, School 615, and National Parks Building, passing through the Port of Iguazu, to reach the Landmark of the Three Borders where the Iguazu and Paraná rivers converge, you can appreciate the Brazilian coast and the Paraguayan coast. What we call the Triple Frontier.

We also visit the Aripuca: it is a trap that the Guarani used to hunt without hurting the animals, it is made in a giant with logs from the entire province of Misiones that have already completed their cycle.

It includes:

Transfer from / to the hotel.

Guide service in Spanish.

Does not include: entrance to La Aripuca.

Das Aves Park


The Bird Park is a private enterprise, located in one of the most beautiful regions on Av. Das Cataratas Km 17.1 near the Iguacu National Park (Brazil). Visitors have the opportunity to enter the nurseries to learn about the life of birds. A world of colors made up of exotic and colorful tropical birds fly in spacious nurseries embedded in the lush tropical humid forest. In addition to birds, alligators, anacondas, boas, marmosets and butterflies amaze tourists.

The Park offers a wide structure with a lot of comfort and practicality, favoring the ecological environment of the place. The trails of the Park offer conditions to receive people with different capacities, wheelchairs. Optional service that can be carried out after the Excursion to Brazilian Falls, departing after lunch or in the “Private” mode of transfer. In both modalities it does not include income.

Consult entrance fees to Parque Das Aves.

Important: Consult the necessary documentation to cross the border.

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