Wanda Mines Tours at Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls Excursions: Wanda Mines Tour

The Wanda Mines Excursion at Iguazu Falls

Book your excursion to the wanda mines with us today!

Book your excursion to the wanda mines with us today!

Join our excursion to the Wanda Mines of the Iguazu Falls area. The tour leaves everyday in the morning and in the afternoon and includes transfer to and from your hotel. You’ll be brought to the town of Wanda, 40 km outside the city of Puerto de Iguazu. The mines were founded in 1976 and since then have become part of this must-see excursion for all those who visit Iguazu. Inside you’ll find agates, jasper, topaz, among other varieties, which can be purchased and admired by tourists who come to find out about this fascinating place.The stones from the mines are converted into gems and used for making jewelry. According to legend, this site is named after a Polish princess who was very affecting these gems.

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Why go on our excursion to the Wanda Mines?

The precious stone mines at Wanda are a unique attraction,  located right on the shores of the Paraná river. At the mines you’ll see samples of agate, quartz, rock crystal, amethyst and topaz and in the landscape you’ll  find extensive pine, mate and tea farms (which are all pillars of the regional economy). This attraction is located near the San Ignacio ruins, so you can arrange to see both of them during the same visit. If you book an excursion like this with us, we’ll ensure a great tour with an expert, bilingual (English and Spanish) tour guide service.  We can help find you a perfect, personalized tour. This is another great excursion that will allow you to explore the nature and culture in Iguazu Falls Excursions and its surrounding area.

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