A bird Park in iguazu falls

iguazu parrotIt is a unique park . The Bird Park located in Foz do Iguaçu , Brazil , you can enjoy  the beauty of the native fauna , especially the hundreds of species of birds that decorate the skies of the Iguazu .

History and objectives

Park 16 years ago opened its doors to the public . In 1994 , a couple of German origin : Dennis and Anna Croukamp , found in the Iguazu a perfect place to realize his dream : to build a theme park dedicated to the conservation of animals.
The park was built with the concern to provide ideal conditions for playback of Birds , and ensure the conservation of 16 hectares of native forest . Currently , the park has undergone changes in the weather , but the mentality is the same: continue to offer the original park , quirky and entertaining visitors , while highlighting the importance of nature conservation.
An interesting fact is that currently this park , competes with another bird park in Africa , or is the second most famous in the world. But in America, is the largest park of its kind.

An ecological circuit in Iguazu Falls 


The Bird Park is located right near the entrance to the Iguaçu National Park ( Brazil ) , so it has become one of the major tourist spots in the area. So many people think that is part of the National Park , but it is actually a completely private facility , no relation to the municipality.
The Parqeu job training has more than 80 employees working there. Of these 80 employees , most have worked at the facility since its inception , Park real veterans .
In the Bird Park , Bird can be found throughout the world. But in general, are birds whose habitat is in South America. On display are about 130 species , with over 1100 specimens .

Journey , poultry and thematic

At the entrance, there is a beautiful reception, next to a bridge with an artificial lake with exotic fish .
Rare and colorful tropical birds fly over large nurseries mixed with lush subtropical forest . Visitors can enter these nurseries to get up close to the birds . Besides them , boas , anacondas , caimans , marmosets and butterflies , amaze visitors . On entering the park, we began to hear the beautiful singing of hundreds of these cute little friends, as if we were giving a warm welcome.
The first bird we saw was a parrot ( Psittacidae ) , a flock of them . Some repeating familiar sounds , some of which mimic human voices : as greetings in English , Spanish or Portuguese
The animals have enough space, so that recreates a wild environment , very natural. There are roads that mark the path around the park , there are bridges and cages where one can go to have direct contact with animals WILL NEVER HARM
There are also different themes : florestal , swamp , forest , etc. . It is amazing the variety of animals that live in this park and how well kept this environment . After first seeing a large number of species in place, observe their strange names and behaviors , we continue the tour of this tropical forest , breathing fresh air.
There are artificial lakes with animals, taking a refreshing bath. It’s like a TV documentary , very close to the wildlife .
Something to note is that although priority is given to the exposure of bird species , these are not the only types of animals that inhabit the place . We can also see large reptiles : as some beautiful specimens of Anacondas ( Eunectes murinus ) and a nice Boa, apart from a variety of insectbiodiversity Genuine !
The park offers a wide structure to provide visitors with much comfort and practicality in a natural environment , favoring the ecological environment . Something to note is that the paths of the park are able to receive people with special needs , for example wheelchair .

The best in the north of Argentina,  Iguazu falls combined with Salta

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