What to visit in a trip to Iguacu Falls

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Below we describe the best things you should visit in the Iguazu Falls National Parks

Iguazu Falls Vacation Packages

1 – Visit the Interpretation Center of Nature which is a tribute to the Iguazu National Park.

Tour packages in Iguazu FallsVery useful for those who want a detailed explanation of the forest biodiversity and local culture through models, billboards, and printed material. There you can get information of the schedule of guided hikes, if you are interested in touring the falls with a professional tour guide. They will give you good explanations and answer all your questions, but it tends to accumulate a lot of people. It is a matter of taste be followed with or without a guide.

2 – Take the Ecological Jungle Train.
Iguazu Falls toursA 25-minute ride through the jungle in an open train, designed to make contact with the environment and smell the aromas and sounds of this magical environment.

It has 3 train Stations:
Central Station, through which you enter the train.
Falls Station, here begins the trails that go to the Lower Circuit, Superior and Green Trail.
Devil’s Throat Station, walk to access the Garganta del Diablo.

3 – Visit the Devil’s Throat
Time: 2 hrs.
Accessibility: Easy.
It is the main attraction of the park. The Devil’s Throat is the culmination of the upper Iguazu river travel in a union of waterfalls over 150mts long with a drop height of 80mts horseshoe shaped.

– The roar of the falls.
– Water vapor of the falls.
– Rainbows are formed with the mist of water and sunlight.
– The color contrast between the green of the forest, the blue sky, the white foam and waterfalls with red earth.
– Swifts, bird species found only there. They have a powerful vision that allows them to pass through the water curtain of the falls and nest in the rocks of the falls.

4 – Short walk along the Green Trail
Duration: 10/15 min.
Accessibility: Easy (no stairs).
Ecological trail that runs from the Central Station to Station Falls. Along its 600 meters, you can see birds, wild animals, the sounds of the jungle and vegetation overflowing

5 – Walking through the Upper Circuit
Duration: 30/35min.
Accessibility: Easy (no stairs)
Length: 650mts 
 will enjoy panoramic views of the falls seen from above Upper Iguazú River. It has six spacious balconies.

6 – Walking through the lower circuit
Accessibility: Medium (no stairs).
Length: 1700mts
Duration: 01:30 hs.
This circuit provides an intimate experience with nature. In it, visitors flowing through strategically located gateways with endless views of the falls from below, you can feel the spirit of the forest: the humidity, the sounds, the scents, the penetrating steam that takes over the entire area.

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7 – Cross boat to Isla San Martin
Duration: 01:00 hs.
Accessibility: Difficult (with stairs)
Length: 650mts.
It comes from the lower circuit level by stairs to the river and then cross by boat to the island. Every 15min from 09:30 pm until 15:30 pm there is a boat-crossing to the island free of charge. This is a unique place in the heart of Iguazu, which offers spectacular views of the San Martín and Escondido. It is allowed to swim in the beach.

8 – Trekking Macuco.
Duration: 03:00 hs.
Difficulty: Medium.
Length: 7km (round trip)
Access to the trail from the Central Station. It is a 7 km hike, ideal for trekking lovers, in direct contact with the flora and fauna of the highly endangered. At the end of the path, a prize: the Arrechea.

9 – Boat trip “The Great Adventure” (not included in park admission).
The experience starts walking 8 km of forest in open vehicles wheel drive, which allows you to appreciate the flora and fauna. Then addressing semi-rigid inflatable boats and walking 6 km by the lower Iguazu, passing through the rapids to reach the foot of the falls for the “baptism of the Iguazu Falls.” Bring a change of clothes because we end up soaked.

10 – Full Moon Tour (not included in the entrance fee)
Time: 3hrs.
Accessibility: Easy.
Walk in the light of the full moon at the Devil’s Throat and have dinner at the restaurant “La Selva”.

Note: From 1 to 8 are the activities included in the ticket price.

1 – To enjoy this unique natural wonder in the world and cross it safely we advise you to spend two days. There is a promotion whereby if you back the next day, you pay 50% of the cost of entry. For this you seal your admission ticket at the end of the first day of visit, at the entrance to the park.

2 – If you like fishing, ask permission to take a bit of bread into the water to make the boat ride. You will see an impressive gold appear.
3 – Bring a lunch box. Prices in the meals are expensive.

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