New walkways in Iguazu falls

Upper Circuit in the Iguazu Fall National Park enlargement opened with a tour that is disposed above the edge of the falls, with a vertical height and their breakers, reaching the second largest jump system: Salto San Martin. A truly electrifying experience allowing visitors a new experience different from the famous waterfalls, passing through the islands of the upper Iguazu environment.
The official of the National Parks Administration (APN) explained that this new reality allows once Tourists walk all the falls, like Dos Hermanas, Bosetti and the M’Biguá, the return is projected to jump San Martin , the second with greater height and volume of water in the entire system.
“This view that leap, not what can be seen completely from Brazil because they cover the island of San Martin, makes Argentina has the best view of the two most impressive waterfalls; Devil’s Throat San Martin and jump. ”
The balcony design allows approaching the edge of the jump and enjoy diving San Martin on one side, and the whole system breaks to the left “.
With this work an distribute the tourist flow that allows the visitor a return by nearly 900 meters, gateways to the islands is achieved.
“By working together with national parks, for all the work the trace of the circuit were watching all natural resources, because the ecosystem or microecosystem we have in this sector will not be repeated. They are not established islands but are generated with the sediments. ”
“Each tree is cataloged and what it protects. We dealership visitors are provided with the intention of protecting the environment. We will mark sections where would the parks and technical review and redirect if you must do it, “he said.
He gave the example of an endemic plant that only grows in this sector, and nowhere else in the park, Coussarea, which determined the position of the pillars to protect them.
Visitors thus have the chance to meet the bowels of the Iguazu River before the falls, that is exactly what is changing as those falls or drops and there is mounting that the tourist does not have a chance to observe.
The murmur of running water, with the background roar of the falls, together with the different aromas and colors will make this new section of the upper circuit a delight for the senses, forging further experiential value with iguazu falls side Argentinean.
“This circuit provides a totally different landscape already seen that the visitor always see the falls from the front, side, top, of Brazil with its panoramic, but this will see the anteroom, one of the most beautiful routes which tempers the spirit. It is a walk through the jungle, their scents and sounds. ”

Further expansion of the walkway is divided into three new sections: the first, 700 meters long, starts in an area where once there was a campground, and reaches the viewpoint of Salto Mbiguá, place where you will find a distributor of 100 meters.
The second section goes from there to a viewpoint that there was: now possible to enjoy a full view of Salto San Martin, the second largest of the Falls. This is how the remaining 200 meters, giving a total of 1,000 are completed.
Of course, given that the park looks to consolidate as a regional model, the entire project was part of an ecologically sustainable profile, without harming local species and trying to generate the least possible impact.

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