Cataratas Day

Cataratas-Day The Beer Festival will be the venue for the screening of candidates for Miss Falls

In the Beer Festival, on Friday November 6, short listing candidates for Miss Falls, Wonder of the World will take place, ahead of the celebration of “Iguazu Day” on November 11 in the Iguazu Falls National Park

In the year of its 40th anniversary, the Provincial Traditional Beer Festival, to be held from October 31 until November 7 at the German Cultural Center Argentine Leandro N. Alem, it was chosen to be the Friday November 6, will carry out the preselection of the candidates for Miss Falls, Wonder of the World “facing the” Iguazu Day “to be held next month in Puerto Iguazu.

In this edition, besides the return of the EXPO GER, after 15 years of absence, of the great musical performances by local, national and international bands, among which stand out, the Poppy, Cristian and Route santafesino group, including others, and all sound from one of the most renowned DJs in the region, Guillermo Atencio, this year, will add to the flagship festival of Alem another important development: as part of the 40th Provincial Beer Festival will take out shortlisting candidates queens “Miss Falls, Wonder of the World”

This great event that gathers all the provincial Queens, is organized in conjunction with the Ministry of Tourism, will be held on Friday, November 6 at the Centro Cultural Argentino Germano city of Leandro N. Alem. On this occasion, a jury of experts will select the candidates to compete for the coveted throne.

“The fact that the Ministry of Tourism of the Province, has chosen precisely under 40 years of our Party for this event is a great pride for all members of the Executive Committee of the Provincial Party of the Beer, Maria Rios said, “President of the German Cultural Center Argentino (CCGA)

As for the respective election and subsequent coronation of the new “Miss Falls, Wonder of the World”, it will be held under the “Iguazu Day” in Puerto Iguazu, on Wednesday November 11. That day will mark four years of the election of the Iguazu Falls as World Wonder.


Saturday October 31:

19.00 hs. parade Av. Belgrano from street Entre Rios, to the Club Argentino Germano. Then opening ceremony with the presence of local and provincial authorities, chop barrel spigot. Provincial election of the Queen of the Beer, with the presence of the Provincial Queens consecrated. We danced to the rhythm of Brazilian Band Festao The Dynamic Group and Leandro N. Alem.

Free admission until 21pm. – Service restaurant and fast foods.

Sunday, 01 November:

18 pm. Settler Big Dance, celebrated with all the workers of our country, devoted entirely to our colonists so that after this year of work and sacrifice can celebrate their work with this party that grew up with them.

We danced to the rhythm of Band Festao Brazil and Jorge Ratoski LN Alem.

Free admission until 21pm. – Service restaurant and fast foods.

It is noteworthy that, the entry for this Election Night Inaugural and Queen will be free until 21:00 Hs, spent those hours, the entry will have a very affordable cost between 20 and 30 pesos, just like the one on Sunday of November. Tickets can be purchased at the Secretary of the CCGA.

Monday, November 2:

Briefing on voluntary blood donation and bone marrow donation. 20 Hs. Working in conjunction with the Blood Bank of the Province of Misiones.-

Tuesday, November 3:

18 Hs. Afternoon children, presentation of “Happy Gurises” program, dedicated to all children in primary schools Leandro N. Alem, and the area.

Admission is free for everyone. Meals rápidas.-

Wednesday, November 4:

19.30 Hs. Presentation of various ballets and dance groups of our city and neighboring towns, along with sports schools. Election 2015 Miss Joy, among girls aged 6 to 10 years, who can sign the same day from the opening hours.

Free admission. Service and fast food restaurant.

Thursday, November 5:

Blood collection. Working in conjunction with the Blood Bank of the Province of Misiones. From 9.00 pm to 20.00 hs

Thursday, November 5:

Mass in thanksgiving for the 55 years of the German Cultural Center Argentino and 40 of the Provincial Party of the Beer. 20.00 hs. in the parish of Santa Teresita of the Child Jesus.-

Friday, November 6:

22 hours. The flavor of the meeting. Night of friendship and youth. Veni rock with your group of friends and enjoy a comedy show with the “Gringo” Fernando De Boever – Music of all time with Band F Sharp LN Alem with the pre selection of the candidates to queens Falls Wonders World
– E starting the night youth group presentation POPPY (Cumbia Pop) and the end of all music DJ Guillermo Atencio Posadas –

Service and fast food restaurant. (Advance ticket sales to a value of 70 pesos, and cards with dinner included) .-

Saturday 7 November:

22 Hs. Closing Night with great Beer Dancing with animation and Cristian Wagner Road and Industry Musical LN Alem Brazil, who made a special show for the 40 years of the party with rhythms all along these years were heard and danced in the Provincial Party of the Beer.

Opening party

The opening to be a very cute exciting night and will be animated by the group “Dynamic and all the beer pace of Festão Band Brazil, a group that will delight us with their music on Sunday, November 1, when night which, by the alenemse, Jorge Ratoski, will give rhythm and fun to the celebration of dancing in honor Colono workers of the land.

The festival will continue with the presentation of the best live shows: Band F sharp, presenting for the first time Poppy Missions Group, Dj Guillermo posadeño brokered, Cristian and Route and Music Industry in Brazil.

Leisla Alvez, an integral part of the organization of the Expo, said “the first day will begin with the election of queen of the night is more impact, then there will be different shows. Meanwhile, in the exhibition: lectures and show tattooists.

Tattooists are Buenos Aires, who won the fest tatoo. Also they joined by Paraguay and Brazil. ”

Also will be herpetologist Amado Martinez Montoya with the snake, mostly for the kids, said Leisla.

It is important to remember that this year, returns to join the Provincial Party of the Beer, the Expo Alem, which will in cultural artistic shows where they will present the winners of the German Tattoo Fest, which last month of May this year was made . Also they advanced that the Provincial Party of the Beer, will be officially launched in the cities of Posadas and Oberá.

Raised as an Art Fair, Trade and Tourism, which will have a cultural art exhibition where all the winners of the German Tattoo Fest 2015. A total of 50 tattoo artists from around the country and also from Brazil will be present. Added to that, you also will see oleography samples, samples of paintings by different artists and there will be ongoing discussions of the protagonists.

Furthermore, in the Expo, there will be a space dedicated to living nature, with the exhibition of animals and cordial explanation of renowned herpetologist Amado Martinez, who not only will have on display many animals, but also be giving talks about their profession and the task at hand.

You will also need a tourist sector, which may expose those localities that requested its stand and various hotels or hotel projects requiring a space. The commercial sector will be occupied by local companies or guests from different localities of the province or country, all developed on the premises of the German Cultural Center Argentino.

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