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The city of Puerto Iguazu is in the northeastern region of Argentina, 300 km north of the provincial capital Posadas.
It is a border town on the border with Brazil and Paraguay.

It has an important network of international tourist services and from it you can make different excursions to visit Iguazu National Park , which is considered as one of the seven wonders of the world for its natural grandeur and wonderful vegetation, leave entranced to who you are able to contact them.

The view is especially interesting from the viewpoint that is the Hito Argentino in the meeting of the Iguazu and Parana rivers. Furthermore variety of flora and fauna is observed, and adventure activities offered in the jungle. There are wide range of hotels, Punto Iguazu Shopping, casino, restaurants, camping, confectioneries and complete services for the traveler and motorist.

Iguazu Falls One of the 7 wonders of the world • More than 1,300,000 tourists choose Iguazu every year. • One of the most important tourist attractions in Argentina. • More than 8,000,000 vehicles circulate annually by the Argentina-Brazil border. • More than 60 weekly flights arrive in the city.

Shopping Guide Iguazu and Ciudad del Este

Iguazu Falls are guaranteed an unforgettable journey, are in Argentina or the Brazilian side, the amount of things to do is endless, but it is not just a destination to go natural, attractive and see jungle animals; the triple border is also an excellent destination for shopping, and Very convenient !.
Some tips to squeeze the days of stay, knowing and doing well one of our favorite activities: buying.

Shopping tips

Excursions have to have 2 days to the Iguazu National Park (the Argentine side, especially if they will make navigation on the river and Macuco trail or Isla San Martin) and another day to park Foz (Brazilian side, if go early can then be combined with the Parque das birds is very close). That would be the basic plan to travel Falls. If you want to add adventure tours through the jungle, or Itaipu Dam of San Ignacio Ruins keep adding days to the calendar. And if they are able to go to walk in the moonlight falls further.
Therefore, in addition to these activities should be reserved at least one day to another plan: buy in Iguazu Falls and the Triple Border. I will divide this entry into two items that would be most important,
IMPORTANT TIP: Bring cash, if possible Dollars and pesos to the Argentine side (and if they are going to have some real Foz because the dollar lost). In the Triple Border haggle everything, and I mean everything, absolutely EVERYTHING. Do not be ashamed, it is common for all you do and spread, until I asked for rebates, you do not even a candy business.

Recommendations for shopping in Iguazu

ARGENTINA – PUERTO IGUAZU DUTY FREE SHOP: Accustomed to compact free shops in some countries, some more spacious than others, I did not imagine that the border could find a shopping center so big, modern and tax free like this. Not for nothing is credited with several international awards.
While under Argentina jurisdiction is a little devoid of merchandise by increasing restrictions on imports, and therefore can also pay in pesos at the official rate, here are worth debit cards and credit cards, if they are Argentine or foreign PAY IN PESOS. Despite the obstacles this free shop is still the cheapest in the country.

What can be found in the Duty Free in Puerto Iguazu? A free large shop divided by sections: clothing, children, drinks, food, beauty and electronics. I spent hours in the beauty section, fragrances, makeup and creams were remarkably lower prices, even had products that are not achieved even in Buenos Aires.
Recommend buying perfumes, they are more accessible and some are not sold in traditional perfumeries such as Britney Spears (I will forgive, but I’m fanatical extreme, someday do better reveal that dark detail). Products Clinique, Biotherm, Lancome Pupa and regaladísimos, if you like Victoria’s Secret brand is best bargain in Ciudad del Este that deals are achieved by buying in quantity. Alcoholic drinks are cheap and even carrying several bottles can access more sales. We also brought goodies.

As for the clothes, the prices were similar to those of Buenos Aires, but yes they could get were brands like Guess, Kipling, Golla and even Hunter boots were cheaper.
Moreover in Puerto Iguazu can also get good gifts to take souvenir to family and friends, the grass is excellent, I recommend that if you are materos buy several kilos, my favorite is the TUCANGUÁ, but there are also some bags burlap room The Oberena brand that is rich and ideal to bring a present. Haggle on those sites, offer to pay cash in exchange for a discount, and as I said Lita Lázzari, which in some businesses is the same goods cheaper few pesos.
PARAGUAY – CIUDAD DEL ESTE: Here is probably where most want to purchase men. For this purpose there early rather than for the rest of the excursions because at 14 pm. close all; note that the activities are always day, at 7 am have to be ready to go out and eating breakfast.
There are two safe ways to get from Puerto Iguazu, one is from the bus station, can buy a fairly inexpensive differential passage that serves them back and forth, the leaves on the central square confluence positions, businesses, shopping malls and galleries. For the return they take it there too. Another way is to go with a combination of tourists or remis of confidence that will surely recommend the hotel where staying, this is the option more expensive but more convenient if they are in a group or if you have many things to bring, as the driver gives them a door to door service, we can manage discounts at some local, enlivened their way across the border and it will feel safer, it is ideal for most people.
What makes Ciudad del Este so attractive? Its excellent duty-free prices in electronics, perfume, makeup and even clothing. The important thing is to go with prior information to know which galleries go and prices that are being handled.
In notebooks, Mac, tablets, cell phones, digital cameras and musical instruments and accessories are unbeatable deals. Do not buy in the street stalls, there is much imitation, and not let tempt priced shoes out there because many are not original.

The good news is that the Internet can preview the prices on the web and go with that valuable information to know whether we are cheating or not. It is vital to ask invoice to avoid paying more taxes customs that apply.

PUNTO IGUAZÚ Shopping Mall

Respecting the natural environment, Punto Iguazu is the first open-air mall City

A walk with semicubiertas areas, offering fashion, food and services. With a total area of 8,000 square meters, the first stage combines 50 shops with recreational areas for the whole family, all amenities and immersed in the natural environment that identifies the city walk.

It is located in Puerto Iguazú, Misiones, Argentina, a city that borders the countries of Brazil and Paraguay.

Commercial premises: daily from 10: 00hs to 22: 00hs. dining options: daily from 10: 00hs to 02: 00hs.

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