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Dear travel agents of the agency 01Argentina.com

I would like to inform you that that my parents arrived a while ago to our home in Canada and they told me that everything went great during their trip in Argentina visiting Iguazu Falls and the capital city Buenos Aires. I see they came happy and delighted with Argentina because all incoming travel agencies associated to your company in every tourist destination in Argentina they visited were extremely responsible with the services provided. Always on time and on schedule to take the tours and the guides could speak English very well. All the people who attended them were very friendly and very attentive to them.
No doubt that I will be recommending to my colleagues, friends and family. Of course I give infinite thanks for helping me with this trip for them. What good service! 😉
All the best
stars5Mary Anne, Canada
August 8, 2016

Dear Ariel Carril

I would love to thank you for the most excellent support and care on your gave me during my trip to Iguazu Falls. Definitely you know the travel business in Argentina and how serve your customers.
Both my wife and I, would like to extend gratitude and appreciation, all the tours we took in Chile, Argentina and Uruguay could not be better, and your recommendations and advices made this trip very pleasant.
Rest assured that you just got two ambassadors of 01Argentina.com in Puerto Rico and whenever someone require tours in Argentina I will recommend you without hesitation.

Greetings from Puerto Rico,

stars4ymediaRobert, Puerto Rico
August 5, 2016


Dear friends of the travel agency 01Argentina.com

I really liked the trip you booked me to Patagonia visiting Ushuaia and Calafate, thank you very much! The travel services of your agency are really very good. I really hope to visit Argentina again in the near future have the possibility of visiting the famous Iguazu Falls and other beautiful landscapes that have your country.

Thanks for all your cooperation and support.
Best regards

stars5Julieth, USA
August 1, 2016


Thank you very much for services rendered during my tour to Iguazu Falls and El Calafate, our stay at the Hotels Sierra Nevada in El Calafate and Arami Hotel and Lodge werefabulous. All the staff was very professional.
Now I would like to go one day to Colonia, Uruguay. Soon I will be in touch with you with new reservations.


stars5Denisse, Canada 
July 31, 2016


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