Iguazu Falls National Park Tours

Tours to the Iguazu Falls in Argentina

Of unquestionable natural beauty, Iguazu National Park, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO because of its rich flora and fauna, comprising an area of 67,000 hectares, including the related reserves, and it is one of the last strongholds of the subtropical forest in Argentina. Located in the Department of the same name, to the northwest of the province of Misiones, it protects within its limits to the majestic and impressive Iguazu Falls, forming one of the main tourist attractions of Argentina and Latin America.

Iguazu Falls tours from Buenos Aires

An interesting option is to explore on board the Ecological Train, achieving access gateways and attractions such as the Devil’s Throat. Another exciting domestic excursion is a visit to the San Martin Island, that will allow you to see the falls from their heart, achieving spectacular views. You also can visit several trails covering the park in its fullness, visiting still undiscovered corners, and you can stop to have an attractive visit to tjios indescribable and unforgettable National Park of South America.

Iguazu Falls Tours

Iguazu National Park protects endangered species such as the tiger or jaguar, with the same care with which houses over 400 species of birds, about 200 species of plants, an immeasurable world of insects, butterflies and more diverse totaling her beauty to the environment.

Tourist information about the Iguazu Falls

Enjoy Iguazu Falls from Buenos Aires

Enjoy Iguazu Falls from Buenos Aires all year long!

Imposing, challenging, majestic, wonderful, Iguazu Falls, are the center of attraction of the park. Surrounded by a wild and rugged subtropical vegetation, spring 23 kilometers from the mouth of the Iguazu River, reaching heights ranging between 50 and recklessly 80 meters. Shared with neighboring Brazil, inaccessible border is drawn in the fabulous Devil’s Throat, the most important of the 275 waterfalls crashing off in countless waterfalls, dazzling the astonished looks tempting and risk.

Modern and labyrinthine walkways allow you discovering every corner of paradise in the middle of Misiones province. Adrenaline, vertigo and the most exciting sensations flood the soul in any of the ways you choose to take in the Iguazu Falls National Park.

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