Active Tourism in Iguazu Falls Misiones

Alternative Tourism in Puerto Iguazu, Misiones, Argentina

Everything is possible in the city of Puerto Iguazú because its breathtaking landscape, leading to ecological tourism, is also listed as suitable for adventure tourism, and also is crossed by Aboriginal customs and techniques that make it suitable for cultural tours. Incomparable beauty, danger and adrenaline, nature serenity, this space of Misiones Province is to withstand a flattering adjective, and yet, none is sufficient to describe it.

Active Iguazu Falls Excursions

For adventure lovers is inexhaustible supply in this geographical area where the wild feel the adrenaline at its finest who were admitted to the Atlantic Forest. Trekking through jungle paths observing the flora and fauna typical of the area, scaled by cliffs over 20 meters high, rappelling down rock walls of 25 meters, water rides, rafting and floated down the river Iguazu, are some of the options are left to the level of risk that each visitor is encouraged to confront.

Active Iguazu Falls Excursions

Wonder of nature, Puerto Iguazú, Misiones, keeps within its limits constitute the most fascinating beauties dreamlike landscapes inhabited by the most diverse species of flora and fauna. Indescribable admiration panoramas, photo safaris and the incredible feeling of contact with the ground and the air, not fit you seem so much beauty in the eyes or on the body.

Iguazu Falls tours

Another irresistible invitation of Puerto Iguazú is to explore its rich culture laden roads. Knowing the Guarani culture, customs and techniques; enjoy days in the villages Aboriginal reach the Hito Tres Fronteras to contemplate a short distance differences between Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay, are only a sample of the great catalog prepared for this city missionary to the satisfaction of its visitors.

A waterfalls flood of sensation in Puerto Iguazú, Misiones, the perfect place for a pleasant family holiday…

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