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Recommendations for travelling to iguazu falls

– In high season, especially at Easter, winter holidays and holidays it is advisable to book in advance.
– During the winter the temperature can be very variable, so should not be without a coat or luggage swimsuit.
– Do not forget to bring insect repellent.
– To visit Ciudad del Este is convenient to do so by bus (micro). Leave the car in Foz or Puerto Iguazu.
– On the ride to the Falls on the Argentine side quite walking, it is important to wear comfortable shoes.
– When visiting Ciudad del Este extreme precautions with valuables such as cameras, watches, etc. And keep in mind that many of the products sold are not original (counterfeit).
– If you plan to visit the Iguazu National Park on the Argentine side for two days, do not forget to seal their “entry” (income) to the output of the first day and the next day will pay only half.
– On hot days drink plenty of water and a hat can be very useful.
– During the visit to Niagara your clothes will get wet, especially if you make a boat excursion (Great Adventure Safari Náutico). On cold days it is recommended to wear a pair of socks and spare shirt.
– Try to buy crafts directly to the Guarani.

Iguazu falls, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.

In the place where watercourses impact with their jumps and falls, the secrets of yerba mate are known, the historical legacy is found in the Jesuit-Guarani Missions (World Heritage) and appreciated the depths of the jungle hand of its native peoples. Myths and nature intertwine to surprise with the grandeur of Iguazu National Park, also World Heritage Site and home to the Iguazu Falls, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.
The stunning waterfalls that make up one of the main natural attractions in the world invite you to discover a wonderful place. For two incredible views, one from the water and one from the catwalks, this unique spectacle is seen.
The day starts early because the roads Iguazu National Park invite you to discover a wonderful and magical place. At the entrance, the visitor center offers a detailed explanation of the facilities, stops, viewpoints and trails and what motivates visitors: the biodiversity of the rainforest and local culture.
At the Falls, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, they are known through two circuits: one lower and one upper. The first reaches the base of the falls, where the force of the water is transformed into refreshing dew and invites continue the tour. From this walk you can also take a boat to San Martin Island and worth daring the adventure because it is a unique experience. In the upper circuit, the ride is quieter but equally attractive. Hops pass along cliffs and islets spread over a crescent forming this geographical accident. The panoramic views from the walkways and viewpoints are unforgettable and attract travelers from around the world.
In this corner of Misiones the sun comes from on high and humidity is felt. Birds sing the beauties of hidden landscapes and the noise of the big waterfall is a living cry of nature. Never missing a local guide explaining that Iguazu National Park is a protected area and has one of the sites of greatest biodiversity of Argentina: here half the bird species recorded in the country and the greatest diversity is found orchids country.
In addition to its scenic beauty the area has high scientific value. The context is perfect for studying species and special focus on those that are endangered, such as the jaguar gets. It is an outdoor school where travelers of all ages understand the multiple relationships between living things that inhabit the forest.
Soon, a gas powered train that runs 7 kilometers of jungle, you reach the walkway leading to the balconies to near the edge of the most stunning jump. After a peaceful path, the landscape is painted white before the Garganta del Diablo, the set of waterfalls found in the Salto La Union.
It is impossible not to feel small before such immensity. When calm of the river breaks on the precipice just have to contemplate and enjoy the bounty of nature. Water splashes fun and cameras looking to immortalize the sharp fall. It is difficult to explain how it feels when you are at one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World.

A Misiones you arrive by plane at Iguazu Falls airport or Libertador General San Martin, by bus or by car on Route 105.
Delicacies that missionary cuisine has to offer are tested amidst tea plantations, red soil and landscape of the Parana River. Chipa, Paraguayan soup, Creole cheese, roasted and cassava are just the beginning of this culinary journey.

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