Gastronomy in Iguazu Falls

In the Iguazu Falls  you can in the same day having breakfast in a hotel of the Brazilian side of the falls, lunch in Argentina and dinner in Paraguay . At the end of the day you will know the mixture of the Iguzaú identity.

For lovers of good living, of earthly pleasures that nature provides us, Puerto Iguazu, can be a unique and unforgettable experience of enjoyment and culinary ecstasy. The dining experience that can be experienced in Puerto Iguazu, is at the level of the best resorts in the world.

Puerto Iguazu, is listed by its own tourists, as the best combination of local foods and regional harmonized and refined cuisine with the flavors.

The cuisine of the city of Puerto Iguazu is really fascinating. The variety of cards, dishes and even flavors, manages to attract not only those in the city during their stay, but also prominent guests from the neighboring towns of Fox Iguacu (Brazil) and Ciudad del Este (Paraguay), who decide to cross the bridge to enjoy good food, turning this city into an international dining option.

Among the huge variety of places worth visiting, a top 5 restaurants of Puerto Iguazu, which dishes, attention and atmosphere are well worth visiting stands.

If what you want is a classic parrillada, either Argentine style, you should not stop going to the barbecue area of ​​dear uncle, in street Bompland 110, a place where meat and offal, poultry and pasta, which author combined in sauces and accompanied by the best wines achieve prolong the stay of each of the diners. The exquisiteness of their flesh, which the arsenal and experience of its steakhouses adds, is something that gives added value to each of the dishes arrive at the table.

For all this, visit the dear uncle’s barbecue area is something we should not stop doing if we are in the city of Puerto Iguazu. On the other hand, if you love fish, the place is Maria Preta, the place to taste a good pacu, surubí and gold, combined with excellent sauces of roquefort, mustard and wine. Meats, pastas and, of course, the grill are other great options when choosing. But the great protagonist of Maria Preta is undoubtedly the caiman, which has one of the richest and particular meats in the world with a unique flavor. Here it is served in many ways, but earn the plaudits two recipes: I yacaré with scallion cream and fried manioc sticks or yacaré to Maria Preta with chipá Guazú accompanied by Paraguayan soup. Both a real treat. A well Argentine place in Brazil to 39, Puerto Iguazu, Argentina.

Another option, if what you want is to test the trilogy of the river, formed by the dorado, pacu and surubí or tropical surubí, accompanied by mushroom sauce or nuts, the place is Aqua. Desserts, white chocolate mousse with brownies or chocolate mousse black with white chocolate ice cream two treats that justify staying to make a desktop with a cut or a coffee, so that the evening never ends. Aqua, an amazing place, in a small town that also has incredible features. Aqua is located in Av. Córdoba and Carlos Thays, Puerto Iguazú, Misiones.

Have been at the wheel is synonymous with Puerto Iguazu know. Famous for one of its protagonists when comments from locals and visitors, the surubí Garganta del Diablo is one of the delights of this restaurant all the time offers your best gastronomy. They stand their meats, pastas, fish and birds. Merges regional products based on the traditional international cuisine; including excel river fish and the best cuts of meat Argentina well as the beef sausage and tenderloin. Located on Avenida Cordoba 28.

Riverfront Iguazu, in their union the river Parana, meters from Hito Tres Fronteras, a unique place for its unique style and dedication to the culinary arts, Bocamora is located. The place is known for its well-prepared dishes with representative local ingredients and offers a typically Argentina grill.

The wines are a separate experience, where you can also enjoy a permanent exhibition of art works by local artists, always accompanied by a good meal and a good Argentine wine. Bocamora is located five minutes from the city center on Paseo Costanera Avenue, on the Iguazu River where it meets the Parana River, meaning that Bocamora is a meeting place with friends.
The city of Puerto Iguazu has a variety of restaurants, pizzerias and bars.

Eating fish in Iguazu falls

Some of the most famous dishes of Puerto Iguazu are made with local fish.
Some of the most desired fish are gold, surubí, pacu, the paty and manguruyú.
The most common way of preparing fish is grilled, baked or Milanese (breaded).


The sparks or chipacitos are few rolls of manioc flour and cheese that originated in the gastronomíaparaguaya and the coastal area of ​​Argentina. In Brazil there is something called pao de queijo (cheese bread).
Chipá is made from cassava starch, milk, cheese, eggs and butter or oil, with which small rolls of 3 cm in diameter are prepared.
The lightness of manioc starch, ground very finely, gives a special consistency and lets the melted cheese that dominates the flavor. Sometimes it is flavored with anise seeds.

The mate

The mate is prepared with leaves of yerba mate (Ilex paraguariensis), originally from the border area of ​​Argentina and Paraguay infusion.
Very close to Puerto Iguazu are important plantations yeba matte. This infusion is very spread throughout the region.
As with tea or coffee, mate has a stimulating effect due to caffeine (also called mateína) it contains. In addition there is also an effect that is offset by the high water consumption when “matea” is performed, resulting in a treatment plant and sparing body possess antioxidant infusion.

Iguazu also in Paraguay there are occasions where the mate is prepared with cold water or soda, this mate is called tereré.

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